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Our large network of merchants means you can promote more relevant brands and products, making your followers more likely to buy from them multiple times.

As a smaller YouTube channel focused on hairstyles, I don’t earn much. I’d heard about becoming a brand ambassador, which sounded awesome, but my audience knows I would never promote any products that I didn’t like myself. I looked into a few programs, but Llama’s variety of merchants and long-term earning potential stood out to me. Getting started was super easy and I’ve been making an extra $750 per month. Torrin Paige

How It Works

With Llama, you get paid for more than just initial purchases. Once someone buys using your referral link or coupon code, you’ll get a commission from every purchase they complete.

Infographic that says: You spread the word. You share your referral link or coupon code with your followers. They go shopping. Your followers look at products on the merchant's website. They make a purchase or more. Your followers buy from the merchant, ideally more than once. You get paid each time. You earn commission on every purchase your followers complete with the merchant.

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Running your first campaign couldn’t be simpler. We’ll walk you through the entire process and you’ll be sharing your first link or coupon code in no time.

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  4. Get Paid Earn commission every time your followers complete a purchase.

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