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Affiliate Marketing is Broken!

Time to face facts - the industry is outgrowing one-and-done flat fee models. Vendors aren’t happy with the ROI and ambassadors aren’t enthused about endlessly spamming their audiences with promo after promo. The market is speaking. It’s time for a change. on Desktop

Affiliate Marketing, Evolved

The old school commission model misaligns the respective goals of ambassadors and vendors. Llama streamlines things by synergizing everyone’s goals.

How do we pull it off? Our Long-Term Value fee model gives ambassadors a small kickback on sales from customers they send your way.

The more these customers buy from you, the more kickbacks your partners get. They get rewarded for promoting your brand more effectively and you get more sales. Everyone wins.

Look-Back/Look-Forward Features

Look-Back & Look-Forward Windows

Adjust the window of time partners can earn commission on customers they send your way.

Smart Profiles

Smart Ambassador Profiles

Ambassadors search and filter brands based on preferences, making it easier to find you.

Long-Term Commissions

Long-Term Recurring Commissions

When ambassadors see more reward from your brand, they put more elbow grease into promoting it.

Easy Ambassador Import

Ambassador Import Migration

Transfer your data hassle-free and get on with your day.

Unlimited Ambassadors

Unlimited Ambassadors

No influencer cap, no growth limits. Scale your brand to the clouds.

Shopify Integration

1-Click Shopify Integration

Getting started is easy. Connect your Shopify store with just one click.

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Seamless integration

Llama works smoothly with the apps you're already using.

Paypal Integration

Using Paypal as a payout platform creates a safety net for your network, ensuring smooth payment and commissions.

Shopify Integration

1-click Shopify installation is the only kind of one-and-done Llama approves of.

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Our plans


$29 / mo*



Unlimited Influencers
Unlimited Campaigns
300 Orders Per Month
10,000 Unique Visitors Per Month
PayPal Mass Payments
Live Chat

*Price reflects yearly plan


$99 / mo*



Everything in Starter, Plus...

1,000 Orders Per Month
100,000 Unique Vistors Per Month
Featured Placement in Marketplace
Phone Support
Custom Reports
Custom Branding
Custom Domain

*Price reflects yearly plan

More Features.

More Growth.

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Discover why businesses trust LLAMA.

See what they have to say.

Saving a ton of time

“My marketing team and I have been thoroughly enjoying Llama. Llama has a slew of features that are readily accessible and easy to use. Collaborating with influencers has never been easier for us.”

Joshua P.

Joshua P.

Love the unlimited

“We sell a wide variety of products and wanted to target customers from all kinds of different niches. Most influencers in these niches tend to have smaller reaches, so we knew we had to engage with as many of them as possible. Llama let us do just that. Unlike other apps we tried, Llama has no limitations on the number of influencers and this allowed us to surpass our goals."

Sarah J.

Sarah J.

So far so good

“I’ve been running my online store for a few years but I was having trouble getting enough customers to stay afloat. I’d heard about affiliate marketing and wanted to try it, but I wasn’t sure how to go about it. Llama’s simplicity and competitive price tag made it easy to get started and in just a few weeks I had more customers than I ever thought I would.”

Sean M.

Sean M.

Ready for a radical change?

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Your data is safe with us

Llama is a GDPR compliant, reliable solution you can depend on.

GDPR Compliant


We adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation, giving you improved security and management over your personal data.

99.9% Uptime

99.9%+ uptime

Our efficient, reliable platform is available anytime you need it.

AWS Infrastructure

AWS infrastructure

Llama runs on the Amazon Web Services Cloud, bringing speed, flexibility, and ease-of-use to your platform.